ExperTease Fitness
And BurlesqueMN
Class Information
At ExperTease Fitness & BurlesqueMN™
Our Mission Is Health of the Body and Mind
​We have over 30 classes in 9 Dance fitness disciplines. Our warm studio and friendly instructors provide a welcoming atmosphere in which a true sense of community grows every day. Students are guided through encouragement, positive language and expert attention. Our main motivator is laughter and we believe in the art of being you! There is something for everyone you just have to ask “What’s my Expertease?”
Aerial Classes
Silks~ Lyra ~ GoGo Fly

Pole Classes
Pole 1-3 ~ Pole Soie

Chair Classes
Chair 1-2 ~ Lap Dance

Burlesque Classes
Burlesque 1-4

Drop In Fitness
Twerk ~ Zumba ~ Belly 

Must be age 18 or over to Register Classes are open to persons of all skill levelsThere is NO NUDITY in class. Dance classes are strenuous and movement oriented. Please wear whatever is most comfortable for you and Heels with ANKLE STRAPS to avoid injury.
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